Drilling Machine

Its basic parts made of a high-quality natural granite material, high precision, free of deformation, stable and reliable. Adoption of Japanese NSK lubricating devices with high-load capacity, high rigidity and high operating accuracy or KO roller guide rails .Use of linear motors for drive of X, Y, Z axes, high speed, high acceleration, high rigidity, stable thrust, a long service life, simple maintenance and a low failure rate. There are 160,000 or 200,000 r/min spindles available for option, which utilize TIMAX's independently-developed advanced control system with a window-featured friendly user interface, a CAD graphics editing function, and two operating environments in Chinese and English. This supports the conversion of a variety of material formats. Easy and flexible to operate, full functions, high precision and high speed.


Specification parameters
X axis working stroke (mm)560Maximum drilling diameter (mm)6
Y axis working stroke (mm)650Maximum drilling depth (mm)10
Z axis stroke (mm)40Numerical control systemTIMAX CNC2000
Drive systemLinear motorClosed-loop modeelectronic ruler
X.Yaxis movement speed (m/min)60Tool magazine capacity (piece)250
Zaxis movement speed (m/min)30Mechanical armProvided
Repeated positioning accuracy (mm)±0.0025Power supply voltage (V)380(±10%)
Positioning accuracy (mm)±0.005Air pressure requirement (bar)7
Spindle speed (kr/min)20-160/200Maximum power consumption (W)6500
Number of spindles4Total weight of main body (kg)6000
Minimum drilling diameter (mm)0.1Overall dimensions of main body (cm)326*190*150