FANUC Processing Center

FANUC has integrated a self-developed, directly connected principal axis with the spindle motor of the FANUC ɑ series in order to enable a highly accelerated drive feed, as well as highly efficient processing. FANUC adopts an exclusively patented turret-style tool changer. The tool-changing structure is simple and is placed by the rear of the principal axis. Another tool-changing gear is placed inside the tool changer. Upon receiving the tool-changing command, the principal axis will move to the cutter location, and the cutter will incline to a certain angle with the servo motor command of the principal axis (the principal axis and tool changer share the same servo motor). The two gear sets will be engaged, and the tool changer will quickly complete the automatic tool change with just one move.


High processing performance
With high speed, high precision, and high power, this product can achieve high productive performance
Regarding stable processing, a high yield of processing products can be realized
Based on comprehensive applications, this product can achieve multi-field processing

High operation rate
With high reliability, the machine can enjoy a long service life
Based on the substantial function of preventive maintenance, machine malfunctions can be prevented
Thanks to excellent maintenance performance, downtime can be minimized

High availability
With outstanding operability, advanced functions can be easily applied
Due to high expandability, peripheral units can be easily controlled
Based on its response to automation, high integration with robots can be realized