Engraving and Milling Machine

CarverLMC16_ATC_T is a special device for processing electronic rig-like products
Adopting a totally-enclosed protective cover to prevent chips from flowing out and scattering
Equipped with an automatic lubrication system for the automatic lubrication of screws and guide rails
Equipped with a coolant tank and a circulation system for application of wet cutting machining mode


Technical parameters
ItemStandard values
Carver LMC16_TCarverLMC16_ATC_T
X/Y/Z axis movement positioning accuracy0.010/0.010/0.008mm
X/Y/Z axis repeated positioning accuracy0.008/0.008/0.005mm
X/Y/Z axis working stroke600/600/160mm
Worktable dimensions640x640mm
Maximum working load30Kg
Maximum spindle speed24000rpm(Φ80)36000rpm(Φ80)
Maximum spindle speed46000rpm(Φ80) 
Tool magazine capacity-9
Shank specification-ISO20
Chuck specificationsER16-
Rapid movement speed12m/min
Maximum cutting feed speed9m/min
Drive systemAlternating current servo
Working voltageThree-phase 380V/50Hz
Air supply pressure0.4MPa0.52MPa
Total weight of machine tool3000Kg